Data monitoring / Internet of Things (IoT)


What is it.

Internet of Things (IoT) tells us about the permanent internet connection of equipment and devices. Its main aim is:

  • Data monitoring: all data are collected in real time.
  • Device control: depending on the continous data collected we can modified performance of devices, allowing us to anticipate abnormal behavior as well as identify trends in behavior. 



There are multiple and adaptable applications in our everyday life:

  • Home: Fridges that detects when food is needed, washing machines that shows when a washing cycle is finished, shutters controlled by temperature or solar radiation, climate control, access control to garages, etc.
  • Industry (Industry 4.0): Production equipment control, real time tracking, productivity, alarms, etc.
  • Business: Climate control and management, intelligent store applications, advance product management, etc.
  • Agriculture and Livestock: Efficient management of risks, according to environmental measures, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Smart cities: Traffic control depending on pedestrian or vehicle levels, noise maps, parking control, cities waste management, etc.
  • Smart metering: Continuous control over consumption, tanks and storage silos level, production management with renewable energy, etc.
  • Smart environment: Pollution control and environmental quality variables, fire detection, etc.

Components / Architecture

Main components are:

  • Sensors: Can be isolated or integrated in equipment or machines: temperature, voltajes, people, humidity, PLCs, etc.
  • Controllers and actuators: It can be the equipment itself o independent elements: air conditioning system, shutter, boiler, production line in a factory, valves, etc.
  • Creatio PI Datalogger: It is in charge of reading data from sensors, storing them on the CreatioWeb! server and sending functioning commands to different devices.
  • CreatioWeb! platform: Server where data collected are stored and can be connected from any device. The platform analyses data to send alarms, maintenance orders and sends programmed commands to execute differents Creatio PI Datalogger. It is also posible to check the functioning, evolution graphs, etc.

Los componentes principales son:


Devices communication. Comunicación de dispositivos

Nowadays we can find several ways to connect devices to the internet and the form chosen depends on serveral factors: efficient ADSL lines, 3G/4G coverage, amount of data to be transmitted, etc., including cabled lines, wireless connections, Zigbee, Sigfox or Lorawan (especially designed for IoT), 3G/4G connections at remote locations, satellite comunication, etc.

Hoy en día existen multitud de formas de conectar los dispositivos a internet y la forma escogida depende de varios factores: existencia de líneas de ADSL, cobertura para 3G/4G, cantidad de datos a transmitir, etc... pudiendo ser líneas cableadas, conexiones inalámbricas con WiFi, Zigbee, Sigfox o Lorawan (pensadas especialmente para IoT), conexiones 3G/4G en localizaciones remotas, vía satélite...