Creatio BC

Control board for stoves, chimneys and water and air biomass boilers.

Creatio BC is the answer to control compact boilers, burners and pellet stoves.

Its flexibility allows any kind of granulated fuel (pellet, olive pit, almond shell, etc.) to be used.

Creatio BC controls the most common elements in boilers or stoves, such as combustion or suction ventilator, feed speed, security elements, resistance for automatic ignition, inertial or ACS storage tank changing without external thermostats. 

Control touchscreen.

It is controlled from a 4.3" full color touchscreen for easy and intuitive operation.

Possibility to incorporate lambda probe.

To ensure compliance with increasingly demanding environmental regulations, it is posible a direct connection to Creatio LC through a lambda probe, reducing space required and costs.

The lambda probe alters the quantity of air and/or fuel that inserts in the boiler to adapt the oxygen level in fumes to the desired value.  

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