Creatio Lambda

Oxygen level reading.

Creatio Lambda is an oxygen level reading system in the solid fuels combustión, liquid or gaseous.

It is well known that to achieve the correct fuel combustion a certain amount of oxygen is needed. Wheather too much oxygen or not enough, both can make combustion efficiency not to be ideal. A lack of oxygen can cause the formation of carbon monoxide, while toxic gas and a large amount of oxygen can cause high fumes temperatures, resulting in energy losses through the chimney and a reduction in the boilers components life.

Creatio Lambda include two components: a lambda probe which measures the oxygen amount in the emissions of fumes and an electronic switchboard that manages that reading.

Increase in energy efficiency.

The oxygen control in combustion is a further step in achieving a high energy efficiency at each step of the work of a boiler.


Regulations for emissions control are increasingly restrictive, and therefore European Legislation makes the use of these systems progressively compulsory. 


As well as all our systems, Creatio Lambda can be linked to Creatio A3, Klimacontrol and IO Expansion, and it can also be connected to Modbus RTU.

Communication interface.

Reading signal can be obtained as a 0-10V analog output or it can be read through Modbus RTU communication.



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